2 November, 2023
06:45 PM
800 Waterford Way
Miami, FL 33126
Waterford 5K

The Post-Race Celebration at this Event is truly unlike any other 5K race out there!


Just ask anyone that has attended this event – THERE IS NO OTHER AFTER-PARTY LIKE THIS ONE.

We are known for having a Beautiful Course with a backdrop that includes lakes, fountains and well maintained streets. It’s our Post-Race After Party that really heats things up. There is a reason that people stay at this event long after all the medals and prizes are awarded.

Waterford 5K Run

• Recognized DJ playing top music
• Giant LED backdrop
• Smoke cannons, glow gear and lights
• Food and beverages
• Lots of seating and lounging areas
• Family game area


So come to Walk or Run – Just be prepared to STAY for the FUN.

FedEx aterford 5K